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Birthdate:Apr 11
Location:Butler, Pennsylvania, United States of America
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Written by one who knows me

True in who she is
Touch of fire
Warming and vital
Burns the foolish
As they deserve
Bright eyes, soft curls
Sweeping curves and tiny waist
Sharp tongue, gentle hands
She is contradictions within herself
Her own ying and yang
Complete, as we wish we could be

I firmly believe that Terry Pratchet was right when he said in Granny Weatherwax voice "the worse sin begins when you treat people like things." I treat people like the complex and sensitive things we all are.
When I screw up, I fess up immediately, fix it, and try prevent that same kind of mistake from happening again.
I find what is fun and I do a ton of it. If it stops being fun, I find someone to take over from me and I stop doing it.
I talk to everyone politely even if they make my teeth itch.
I fix boo-boos. I prevent worse boo-boos.
I do the right thing even when it is hard.
I quietly tell someone when they are cocking something up.
I loudly praise them when they do something right.
I try to take joy in what I do and do what is joyful.

Tasha: I think that's why they love us
cute, sexy, and ever so slightly terrifying

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